Let me guess, you are a modern entrepreneur, an upcoming world-changer with a great vision in your mind. You want your project to have a positive impact to a more conscious world? Below you will find my packages created to make starting and nurturing your project fruitful, exciting and easy. 

For new clients that don't know me yet I recommend to start to hire me on a project base doing a full on research for your brand, coming up with a brand strategy, designing your future look, developing a communication strategy or structuring your new website. 

If we already know each other, let’s partner up! Together we will work on your heart-project to make it and yourself grow. How does it work? You define the length of the partnership, you are independent now and will be afterwards again, we will work eye to eye and heart to heart, I will support your business with all my skills, thoughts and love.


For New Clients


Research: Where are you today?

I will provide you with research that will help us to find the best Marketing Strategy for your brand. The focus will be on your competition in order to find out how to best position your brand.

  • Situation Analysis: What are your brand's strengths and weaknesses?

  • Target Group Analysis: Who are your current and potential target groups? What do they think, how do they behave, what is their deepest inner desire?

  • Competition Analysis: What are your competitors doing? What are best case studies in your area? What can you do differently and better?

  • Trend analysis: What is trending in the society related to your brand and who is talking about it?

brand stragey.png

Where do you want to be tomorrow?

Based on the research and your knowledge we will come up with your Brand Image defining the why you are doing what you are doing, how you want to achieve this and what exactly your offer will be and the experience you will create for your customer. In the end you will know what memorable and distinct experience your brand will evoke in your target group and how your brand will make your customers feel about themselves and their decisions when they are interacting with it. 

  • Target Group: Write a persona and the consumer insight of your target group based on the target group research. Once you know the consumer insight - their deepest desire - you will know how to communicate your benefit to them

  • Brand Image (Vision, Mission and Offer): Let's write it on paper and nail it down - Why are you doing what you are doing, how do you want to achieve it and what is your exact offer.

  • Values+Tone of Voice: Define your core values and what feeling you want to evoke in your target group.

  • Add-On: Brand Manifesto: Inspire your target group with a brand manifesto that will make them understand your values, what your brand stands for and make them thrive for your vision.

brand design.png

How do you want to come across?

A design that is based on your branding strategy will help your target group to feel what they are supposed to feel and to do what they should do when they interact with your brand. The end result is a Branding Style guide which includes:

  • Color Palette: With the help of your brand strategy, what you envision with your brand, I will choose the colors that will 100% represent your heart-project.

  • Choice of 2 Fonts: Next to the colors, I will find the right fonts that you can use in graphics, your website, or else. Included will be one title font and one font for the copy text.

  • Logo: Yay, this is the most exciting part about this package - I will create the new logo for your heart project that will exude exactly what you had in mind.

  • alternative Logo + Favicon: Next to the main logo, I will provide you with one alternative logo that you can use whenever the main logo can't be used, and one favicon - a visual you can use for Social Media or else.

  • In this process 2 revisions are included

communication strategy.png

How will you reach your audiences?

Let’s find out what your main communication channels are and/or should be and which messages to send out through them. In the end you will have a marketing funnel that will guide potential clients from awareness through interest and desire to finally taking the action.  

  • Channel Analysis: Analyze the potential of online and offline channels and decide for the best mix for your communication

  • Content Strategy (What, where, how, to who): Decide which channels represent the best mix for your brand, and which messages you will send out through them.

  • Content Concepts: I will provide you with first concepts for executions.

  • Content schedule: Know when you will have to publish which content on which channel and find out, what scheduling options exist, to automate your online-communication.

website structure.png

How to create a website that makes your users do what you want them to?

You have your brand strategy and design ready? Yay! Then let’s take the next step and create your website together. The first chunk of work here is to develop a website structure that will guide your users to click wherever you want them to click and to do whatever you want them to do. 

  • The main goal: Define the main goal of your website and the user experience you want to create with it

  • Sitemap: Create a structure for your website based on that main goal

  • Wireframes: Develop scribbles for each page that will create the desired experience

  • Development with Squarespace: I will develop your website with squarespace

  • Website-Support: If you want a website with more features than a squarespace site, I will manage and help the developer, designer and copywriter

Let's go full-on

Partnership Medium: 1-3 month

I will support your starting business with my skills for one month:

  • Weekly meetings: for discussing & making decisions, planning the next steps and deliverables, dividing upcoming tasks & keeping us updated on the progress

  • Shared work sessions and working with asana: together we will work on the tasks and keep on pushing your project forwards



Partnership Large: 3-6 months

You want to go deeper and give yourself and your project more time to grow together with me as your business partner? Book 3-6 months with me and get a discount on my daily rate

  • Weekly meetings: for discussing & making decisions, planning the next steps and deliverables, dividing upcoming tasks & keeping us updated on the progress

  • Shared work sessions and working with asana: together we will work on the tasks and keep on pushing your project forwards