You need an extra hand to make your heart-project moving forward? You would love to feel sure about business-decisions you have to make? You want to get mintfresh ideas, new inspirations and original perspectives? To rent someone else’s mind to get new ideas, strategical advice and an extra hand to get things done sounds like an awesome idea? 

Good news! You found the right place! I am Marlene, Rentable Business Partner for mindful businesses and founder of The Mintminds. My goal is to make your heart-project grow into that stunning mindful world-changer it deserves to be.  



Life is there to be lived and felt, with all the smallest and biggest emotions there are. I believe that by actively feeling and by living every moment with mindfulness, life will become how we want it to be and thus more colorful, more turned on, more in connection, more impactful and more inspiring.

Work is a huge part of our life. Doing something that we don’t like or that we don’t believe in has a huge impact on our state of mind, body and emotion. I want to create a more mindful world by supporting the growth of mindful businesses that are born in the heart, that aim to give back and that in the end will help you to become who you want to be.

I am a Rentable Business Partner. What does that mean? For the period you define, my skills, my mintfresh mind and my creative intuition will be yours! More clearly? I can help you develop your brand strategy, your design, your website structure, your communication strategy & much more.



The M behind the mintminds


I am Marlene, born in the coal miners region of Germany where friendship is written in capital letters, I always believed in a sharing and caring world. My life story until the age of 25 has followed the norm: being raised in a loving family, going to school, getting good grades, finishing school, starting to study as soon as I was able to, doing some internships, working in an advertising agency while studying and finally finishing my degree in advertising and market communication. By the end of my period of study I was stressed out, bored and very unhappy.

I realized that this way of living for work, living for earning money, living to follow the norm, can’t be it. When I tried to find out what triggers my happiness it always came back to three core elements: I was traveling and free, I was learning what I wanted to be learning or working what I wanted to be working, I had the feeling of doing something good and giving back. And this is how my own little heart-project was born: The Mintminds.

What does this word stand for? For mintfresh ideas, for a mindful world, for you and me working, creating and changing the world together. Sounds good? Then take the first step and book a free consultation with me here.



What can you expect from working with me?

  • I have a strategical mind. Advice I give will never be far-fetched.They are based on my knowledge about you and your business, my experience and the research I will provide you with. 
  • I thrive when working with you one-on-one. I want to know every detail about your project, your goals & your vision you are aiming at. What is your why behind this all? I love to know it all and am passionate about painting that big picture of yours into reality.
  • I am an all-rounder with a constant appetite for learning new things which is exactly what you need when starting a new business. 
  • Networking is my biggest strength. What does that mean for you? I have a huge network of people all with different professional backgrounds. If you need a photographer, I will have one. If you need a web developer, I will connect you with one. If you need a SEO-guru, I know one.
  • I will never forget to have fun while going along and will always enter the workspace with a huge contagious smile. 

Get me on board to work hand in hand and one-on-one with you and let’s grow your project together. Head over to the service tab to learn more or click the button below to get in contact with me!