You want to change the world to a more mindful place with what you are doing? You are keen on making your heart-project work? And to rent someone else’s mind to get new ideas, strategical advice and an extra hand to get things done sounds like a great idea? 

Awesome and welcome to The Mintminds! - a place where you will find the right partner to make your heart-project fruitful. Your goal is my goal and together we will use all of our skills, ideas & passion to reach it. 



Let's Be Fruitful!

Two people have more skills than one and as your partner I will use mine 100% for your project. My skills:  Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Research Communication Strategy, Website Structure


Let's make great decisions!

Working on your project alone is difficult. To have someone that keeps you accountable, that will take time to listen to you, to give you an evaluated answer and hence to conclude a decision together that you feel good about is worth a mint.

Let's feel the sparks!

Sharing these thoughts that have been buzzing in your head and bouncing off ideas with me will make you see new angles and be excited about new facets of your business. Plus: I thrive for your cause and will make sure that we will keep these sparks up and going the whole way even during dry spells. 



Let's be keen on work and life

Work is a huge part of our life. Doing something that we don’t like or that we don’t believe in has a huge impact on our state of mind, body and emotion. I want to support mindful businesses, businesses that are born in the heart, that aim to give back and that in the end will help you to become who you want to be.

Because I believe that life is there to be lived and felt - and so is work.



Danelle - Sword & Sparrow

"Working with Marlene has been great! I felt an immediate connection to her during our first meeting like we were old friends just having a chat. After just a few questions she went to work and came back with a clear vision for my brand. So clear that when she was describing my audience it was like she was describing me! Not only that but she gave me extra advice on social media and other aspects of my business as well as encouragement to follow my dreams! I'm so happy with the results, I seriously believe this is the best thing I've done for my business so far!"